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2860 Creekside Circle, Medford, Oregon


What is Triune?

Health care centered around you

Our approach to care considers all aspects of your life—body, mind and spirit

All too often medication is prescribed to treat a single symptom — without understanding the root cause. But when one area of your life is out of balance or your health is struggling, it can affect your overall well-being. That’s why we take the time to get to know all aspects of you and your lifestyle — to treat the whole person, not just your physical symptoms.

We’re your partner, working with you to set goals for good health and helping you achieve them

At Triune Integrative Medicine, you are the most important member of your health care team. We’ll give you our focused attention to better understand the causes of your health issues. Then together with you, we’ll determine the best treatments to fit your lifestyle and provide a path to optimum wellness.

We believe truly integrated medicine offers the most complete formula for good health

We offer the best of both types of medical interventions — combining both conventional medicine with a variety of safe and proven traditional therapies.

The team at Triune includes a medical doctor and  a cadre of complementary medicine providers in the Triune community  such as acupuncturists, massage therapists, herbalists, nutritionists and others — all who provide maximum attention and consideration to your needs.

Working with you as a partner in your health, and working with your primary care physician if desired, our team will provide you with individualized treatment. We believe that this combined approach to healing is superior, treating all aspects of your health.

Promoting good health and preventing disease are essential components of the healing process. We include both in our practice

Whether you’re suffering from illness or injury, or looking to prevent future health issues, we can help you gain important insights, while offering a variety of treatments designed to restore your health and promote general well being.

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